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Привіт! Мене звати Анна. I am a Ukrainian linguist, an experienced teacher and the creator of Ukrainian Lessons Podcast – a series of free audio lessons that will help you to learn conversational modern Ukrainian step by step.

The audio episodes of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast will always be free of charge. We have started in June, 2016 and our goal is to develop a course of 40 lessons for beginners that will bring your portion of Ukrainian to you every week for the next months.

If you want to support Ukrainian Lessons Podcast and enjoy weekly supplementary materials to the podcasts in the form of PDF Lesson Notes, you can become our Ukrainian Lessons Premium Member.

Together with the free audio lessons Premium Lesson Notes are everything you need to be learning Ukrainian nice and easy.

Download them once a week, follow the texts and explanations, review your vocabulary in the lists and practice with exercises. And… enjoy your Ukrainian learning!

Ukrainian Lessons Podcast PDF Notes include:


Transcript and Translation

You can find everything said in the podcast in Ukrainian in the Lesson Notes. It will allow you to work with the language visually and check if you heard everything right. There is also the translation to English where you could take a peek.


Grammar Charts

Review the grammar point or learn more about the specific case with the classic textbook style grammar charts.


Vocabulary Lists

At the end of each Lessons Notes you can find the Vocabulary list of the Ukrainian words and expressions I mention for the first time on the podcast.

Bonus Exercise

There cannot be too much practice in the language learning. Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Lesson Notes always has a bonus exercise for you. You can post your answers on the website and we will check and comment your work. The following Lesson Notes include the answers too.

Try it for free!

All Ukrainian Lessons Podcasts are always available for free on iTunes, Stitcher, Android or our web-site. You can also enjoy free Lesson Notes for the first three episodes of Ukrainian Lessons Podcast. Try them out below!

Episode 1 - Informal Greetings in Ukrainian

In this episode you will learn:

  • about the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast goals;
  • greetings in Ukrainian in the informal situation;
  • first words Ukrainian friends say when they meet;
  • different ways to say “also”, “too”;
  • how do Ukrainians really respond to the “How are you?” question.

Download your free PDF Lesson Notes here

Episode 2 - Formal Greetings and Saying Goodbye

In this episode find out:

  • How to say hello in formal situation?
  • How to say goodbye in Ukrainian to your boss and your friend?
  • How to say thank you in Ukrainian?
  • What are the personal pronouns in Ukrainian?
  • Are people polite in Ukraine?

Download your free PDF Lesson Notes here

Episode 3 - How to Introduce Yourself in Ukrainian

In this episode you will learn:

  • how to ask about someone’s name in Ukrainian and introduce yourself formally and informally
  • how to say Nice to meet you in Ukrainian
  • main patterns in saying different nationalities in Ukrainian
  • the most popular names in modern Ukraine

Download your free PDF Lesson Notes here

Extra Vocabulary Smart Flashcards!

After each 10 episodes of Ukrainian Lessons Podcast, I prepare a deck of flashcards that you can use on your computer, phone or tablet with a smart Anki application.

Each deck includes all the focus vocabulary and expressions from 10 lessons, together with a picture, native speaker’s pronunciation, and synonyms or grammar notes.

I love Anki flashcards! This tool was proved to be great for learning and reviewing the vocabulary of any language quickly and efficiently. So, I want to prepare the best Ukrainian flashcards for our Premium members.

New! Become a member of the ULP Facebook Community!

In the closed group, ULP Premium Subscribers can meet other Ukrainian learners, ask questions about the specific topics of the Podcast, communicate in Ukrainian and be corrected by the natives!

Proud of my listeners!

Really enjoying Anna’s podcasts

I’m so glad that I came across Anna’s Ukrainian lessons podcasts. It has helped me go back to the beginning to brush up on my Ukrainian language skills with interesting and relevant content. I’ve also learnt a lot about Ukrainian history and modern culture. I always look forward to listening to a new podcast . Anna has a lovely conversation style that is a pleasure to listen to. I hope there are many more episodes to come.

Anita Doyle
Sydney Australia

Great Introduction to Ukrainian

Thanks, Anna, for this series of lessons. You have a very engaging style. In just one week, I have learnt more than I ever expected and I am full of enthusiasm to continue. Very professional but friendly at the same time.

Colin Burdfield

Фантастично! Fantastic!

Привіт! Я дуже люблю Ukrainian Lessons Podcast. Я волонтер корпусу меру, і я живу в Україні. Моя вчителька мене сказала я розмовляю українською дуже добре. Я слухала кожного уроку. Дякую!

Hi! I love this podcast! I am a Peace Corps Trainee, and I just moved to Ukraine, where I will be serving for 2 years. I listened to this podcast A LOT in the months before my departure, and now that I am here I made it into the advanced language study group. My teacher said I speak very well, and she was especially impressed that I know how to conjugate some verbs. When she asked where I learned, I told her about this podcast! I’ve listened to every episode. Thank you!

Кортні Коупленд
Каліфорнія, Америка

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