Привіт! Вітаю на сайті! My name is Anna Ohoiko, I am a Ukrainian teacher and educational resources developer. I have created this website for learning Ukrainian to share good-quality and useful Ukrainian lessons online.

Start from learning the 100 most common Ukrainian words with our free list and flashcards. Then we have a great resource, 1000 most useful Ukrainian words to learn the necessary Ukrainian words with examples, flashcards, and pronunciation.

You can also enjoy learning Ukrainian listening to 80 episodes of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast, as well as check articles on our Blog to learn Vocabulary, Grammar, and Songs.



Ukrainian Lessons Podcast


Start learning Ukrainian, improve your language skills and discover Ukrainian culture with Anna Ohoiko and the weekly Ukrainian Lessons Podcast episodes.

Latest Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Episodes

Proud of our learners

Extraordinary teacher!

Anna has been my teacher for almost 2 years. I live in the United States and she lives in Kyiv, but we have our lessons through Skype or FaceTime. We have also had some in-person lessons when I traveled to Ukraine a few times.

  • Anna is an extraordinary teacher in every way:
  • She is very intelligent and is an expert in her subject.
  • She is always well-prepared with lesson plans.
  • She presents things in an organized manner and makes things easy to understand.
  • She gives me just the right amount of challenges without overwhelming me.
  • She encourages me and offers support when things are difficult.
  • She praises when I succeed.
  • She is always enthusiastic about the subject being taught.
  • She exceeds my expectations. For example, when I was in Ukraine, she went with me to the Thaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine to help me communicate with the faculty and staff. She also assisted my communication during the lesson as I studied piano with one of the professors at the Academy.
  • She expects excellence in herself and her students.
  • She speaks, reads, and writes in English fluently.

I enjoy my lessons with her very much!

The best teacher ever!!!

The best teacher ever!!!
I have been Anna’s student for 8 months and in that short time I can honestly tell that she is the best teacher. I learnt a great deal from her.
• She is always prepared.
• She is very creative.
• She gives great lessons.
• She is nice and patient.
• She speaks, reads, and writes in English and Russian fluently it comes handy for me because I speak a little bit in Russian too and when I mix the two together she can correct me.
• Usually our lessons only in Ukrainian, we only use English if I completely lost, but then she always tries to explain everything in a simply way in Ukrainian so I could understand.
• She is caring and shows interest.
• She is always well-prepared and organized.
I hope one day we can meet in person.

A legjobb tanár!!!
Most már nyolc hónapja mondhatom el azt, hogy Anna tanítványa vagyok és ezalatt a rövid idő alatt nagyon sokat tanultam tőle.
Mindig felkészült, kedves, aranyos, és türelmes. Minden kérdésemre tud válaszolni. Jól beszél angolul, de nem nagyon használjuk az angol nyelvet, mert megkértem, hogy az óráink csak ukrán nyelven legyenek. Természetesen tökéletes beszél oroszul, ami kapóra jön az én esetemben, mert én is beszélek egy kicsit oroszul és ilyenkor ő ki tudja javítani a hibáimat. Ha valamit nem tudok vagy nem értek mindig megpróbálja a legegyszerűbb módon elmagyarázni a dolgokat, hogy megértsem őket termesztésen ukrán nyelven.
Remélem találkozunk egyszer személyesen is.

Найкраща вчителька у світі.
Я студент Ані за 8 місяців і за цей короткий час я можу чесно сказати, що вона найкраща вчителька. Я навчився багато від неї. Вона просто супер.
Я надіюсь, що ми можемо зустрітися. І я теж надіюсь, що я довго міг би бути її студент.

Attila Bruneker
Budapest Hungary

The best prepared teacher ever

On my own, I invested time in the Duolingo Ukrainian course and various Memrise vocabulary lists but I wasn’t improving my language skills as quickly as I wanted, especially for speaking, which was the main point for me. I discovered Ukrainian Lessons podcast while looking for more resources and found the quality so good that I invested in the premium membership and private lessons with Anna.

She is the best language teacher I have ever had! Each lesson is always fun and incorporates a lot of conversation as well as structured lessons that are tailored to me and my ability level. Anna keeps notes in a doc while we meet so that it is easy to keep track of everything I learned in each lesson. I have taken 11 lessons so far and my language skills have improved from mostly just reading and saying “hello, good morning, etc” and simple phrases to being able to construct whole, unique sentences in present, past, and future tense. I feel much more confident in my ability to handle ambiguity and have (simple) conversations with native speakers.

The quality of the podcast notes, of the lesson notes, of the website, of the social media handles (Instagram and Facebook are the ones I follow) is so impressive and once you meet Anna, it makes sense. I would highly recommend Anna as a teacher!

Sara LaVigna

Фантастично! Fantastic!

Привіт! Я дуже люблю Ukrainian Lessons Podcast. Я волонтер корпусу меру, і я живу в Україні. Моя вчителька мене сказала я розмовляю українською дуже добре. Я слухала кожного уроку. Дякую!

Hi! I love this podcast! I am a Peace Corps Trainee, and I just moved to Ukraine, where I will be serving for 2 years. I listened to this podcast A LOT in the months before my departure, and now that I am here I made it into the advanced language study group. My teacher said I speak very well, and she was especially impressed that I know how to conjugate some verbs. When she asked where I learned, I told her about this podcast! I’ve listened to every episode. Thank you!

Кортні Коупленд
Каліфорнія, Америка

Perfect next step after Duolingo

I finished the lessons available for free at Duolingo. Anna’s lessons are the perfect next step. I found that I had a lot of the vocabulary and some of the grammar, but Anna’s explanations and examples brought me into the real world of Ukrainian speakers. How they talk in real life and how they interact.

Mark Hickler

Great Introduction to Ukrainian

Thanks, Anna, for this series of lessons. You have a very engaging style. In just one week, I have learnt more than I ever expected and I am full of enthusiasm to continue. Very professional but friendly at the same time.

Colin Burdfield

Дуже Файна Вчителька Української

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all her podcasts, multiple times. All of my in-laws only speak Ukrainian, so I had a vested interest to start learning. I found her site via a Ukrainian community site for those living in the US. I have no Ukrainian heritage or blood-relatives and never learned a foreign language extensively before becoming fascinated with this beautiful language.

The good:
Many real-world situational dialog that help teach relevant grammar and verb/noun conjugation
Lots of insight into Ukrainian daily life
Many pages with words and audio

The not so good:
Some audio is difficult to hear and understand during conversations
Teacher’s English is good, but she makes many common grammatical mistakes

Jared Roberts
Я зі Сполучених Штатів Америки. Я живу в Бостоні.


I am loving the podcast as a support /adjunct to my study of Ukrainian using an app. I’m quite motivated because, although my Russian is very good, my dearest lives in Kiev. I want to be able to engage in simple politeness and greetings, etc. with family and friends when I arrive for New Year’s celebrations. Any tips on toasting in the New Year would be much appreciated. I’m only on episode seven. I have found the podcast both motivating and fun. Дуже дякую!!!


Love this podcast


Я дуже люблю цей сайт)

I am from near Liverpool in England and I am passionate about learning Ukrainian language. I have completed the Ukrainian Duolingo but still practice every day. The part I find hardest about learning Ukrainian, is listening to spoken Ukrainian. I want to be competent enough where I can comfortably watch television shows in Ukrainian to further my language ability.

Since completing Duolingo I have found it difficult to further my progress without finding the time to sit down and read or watching videos over and over to try and translate. Finding this podcast has been amazing because I can listen to the lessons while I am doing other things or on the move and I feel like it is helping me a lot with being able to understand spoken Ukrainian.

I really like the lesson formats and the cultural information as well as the light hearted humour. I will continue to work through these lessons and keep improving my Ukrainian but I just wanted to leave a message to say дякую and keep up the good work, your lessons are awesome.

Many thanks,


This podcast is lifechanging

Anna is clearly a brilliant linguist, and manages to convey masses of information in an engaging and exciting way. It means a lot that she has created a resource that is so helpful and accessible for Ukrainian language learners, and that includes contemporary Ukrainian culture. I will definitely stick with her program, and I really hope the community grows!

Irene SanPietro

Thank you for season two!

I recently have found season one. Having liven in Kiel Oblast for 5 years I quickly realised that I needed an intermediate – advanced option. I just wanted to be able to listen to regular Ukrainian again after a few years of not speaking with anyone. Season two is perfect! I love the Vilnee Stoyp and the 90% Ukrainan. It is perfect for me Thank you!

Australia (Rzhyshchiv)

Привіт Анна!I just discovered your

Привіт Анна!

I just discovered your podcasts, and I wanted to write and thank you- they’re amazing! I play in a Ukrainian band from Newfoundland, Canada called the Kubasonics; we’re in the middle of a tour of Ukraine now. A couple of us in the band don’t speak the language but I’m finding your podcasts to be so helpful. I dabble in many languages and they’re the best I’ve ever used. My Ukrainian friends are impressed 🙂

Thanks again,

Darren Browne

Excellent Language Teacher!

I lived in Ukraine for 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer and learned Ukrainian. When I returned home, my language skills atrophied. I found Ukrainian Lessons Podcasts and Anna’s private tutoring and am so happy I did. Anna is knowledgeable, encouraging and has the amazing skill of correcting your language without stopping the conversation/scaring you into silence.

Carey Homan
Seattle, WA

Чудовий подкаст!!!

Чудовий подкаст!!!

Dave Harper

I just want to thank

I just want to thank you for making this site.
At first, I had doubts about picking Ukrainian as a third language but you made it such an easy-going and friendly experience, just can’t say no to learning more.
I definitely recommend ukrainianlessons.com and will do to anyone who wants to learn.

Gabriel Steinbach
Buenos Aires province, Argentina

Я у захваті від Вашого сайту!

Я у захваті від Вашого сайту! Сама я українка, а мій хлопець – британець, тому, Ваші подкасти і статті неабияк допомагають йому постійно мати на слуху українську мову, коли немає змоги бути в Україні. Щиро дякую за це! Дуже якісно, чітко і зрозуміло викладено матеріал! А ще, не можу не сказати, що на сайті дуже затишна і дружня атмосфера 🙂 Keep up the good work!


Чудовий сайт

Дякую, що пропагуєте нашу мову. Впевнена, що іноземцям буде дуже легко вивчити українську мову за допомогою Вашого сайту.


Нескінченна мандрівка крізь українську мову

Багато спасибі за ваш труд Анна, та інші співробітники!
Я дуже, дуже люблю мою чудову, цікаву мандрівку крізь гарну Українську мову! Без вас, и вашей допоможі, це не було можливе. У мене є ще багато роботі, але я рішений витримати.
Якщо можливе, перекладайте пісні гурта “Один в Каное” у ваших майбутніх блогів. Вони дуже чудові. Дуже дякую друзі! Привіт з Сербії! ❤

Алекса В.

Really enjoying Anna’s podcasts

I’m so glad that I came across Anna’s Ukrainian lessons podcasts. It has helped me go back to the beginning to brush up on my Ukrainian language skills with interesting and relevant content. I’ve also learnt a lot about Ukrainian history and modern culture. I always look forward to listening to a new podcast . Anna has a lovely conversation style that is a pleasure to listen to. I hope there are many more episodes to come.

Anita Doyle
Sydney Australia

A great teacher and a fantastic podcast

I would like to thank Anna for this fantastic podcast that I have recently discovered. She’s really a brilliant linguist, the best I know so far. I’ve just started my journey through her fantastic podcast, but my Ukrainian friend, who’s working here in Italy, is already impressed by what I could learn in few lessons! Anna makes me more and more curious about Ukrainian and her country and I look forward to learn a lot through all the other episodes.

Elena Straudi

A great teacher and a fantastic podcast

I would like to thank Anna for this fantastic podcast that I have recently discovered. She’s really a brilliant linguist, the best I know so far. I’ve just started my journey through her fantastic podcast, but my Ukrainian friend, who’s working here in Italy, is already impressed by what I could learn in few lessons! Anna makes me more and more curious about Ukrainian and her country and I look forward to learn a lot through all the other episodes.

Elena Straudi

Great work, thank U!

Thank U very much for your podcasts. I just discovered them and i am in epizode 1 @4. You are doing so amazin job with this.


Щиро дякую!

Шановна Анно, хочу щиро вам дякувати за це подкаст! Моя чудова вчителька української у Америці порекомендувала слухати. Він мені дуже допоміг вивчати українську мову, і я зараз у києві вже місяць, а знаю що краще розмовляю завдяки подкасту. Надіюся що буде 3й сезон.

Matt Ellett

Incredibly helpful!

All I’m going to say is that this website is incredibly helpful! It was very hard for me to find a website to learn Ukrainian that is well-structured and easy to use.

I want to thank Anna not only for her effort and time that she has put into building this website but also for her individual help as she recommended me some extra books for me to learn Ukrainian on a better level.

I, myself, am half Ukrainian and have visited Ukraine multiple times since I was little but I only knew some Russian (since many people here in Ukraine are still used to speaking Russian because of the Soviet era educational system), nevertheless since I finished school I have much more time to dedicate learning the language of the country that is in my heart.

Слава Україні!

Vasilisa Anastasopoulou

A very great help to learn Ukrainian

As a teacher of French as a foreign language, I really appreciate the quality of the podcast offered by Anna. The length, the rhythm of each dialog is perfect. I really like the fact that the dialog is repeated twice and then explained part after part. Many many thanks!

Marie Aubet
France but living in Kiev

Чудова вчителька!

Life is always an adventure! I grew up in the U.S., speaking Ukrainian at home and our Ukrainian Orthodox Church. I even attended Школа Українознавства for 8 years. To be honest, I didn’t always appreciate sitting there while the other kids were out playing. When we visited Ukraine many many years ago I realized what a great heritage I had. In memory of this heritage we named our son Taras.

I live in Germany now and when my parents passed away I no longer really had the opportunity to hear or speak Ukrainian. Thanks to the internet I came across Anna’s website and podcast and I love it!

Anna herself is so charming and engaging and her lessons are a delightful incentive to revive dormant vocabulary and traditions. I am beginning to think it would be a good idea to visit Ukraine again. Being a language teacher myself I don’t claim to be an expert, but perhaps a pretty good judge of what and how Anna puts across her endeavors.

Dedicated to the last syllable, motivating and it’s always a pleasure to listen to her charming голосочок. Анна фантастична and for anyone seriously interested in learning Ukrainian, her podcast is the place to be. For anyone without any previous knowledge her Premium Membership is a valuable addition. Go for it and remember, practice makes perfect. Гарного дня, всього найкращого!

Рагнєда Брейкер

Замечательный подскаст, всем рекомендую

Поскольку я предпочитаю изучать любой язык в первую очередь на слух, то мне было важно найти хорошие аудио-ресурсы по изучению украинского. К сожалению, простое гугление не помогло мне найти никаких ресурсов ориентированных на русскоязычного пользователя, но, к счастью, я говорю по-английски и я нашёл Вас.

В общем спасибо большое, подкаст замечательный. Чего, как мне кажется, немного не хватает подкасту – каких-то регулярных рубрик. Ну т.е. в настоящий момент выпущено 3 сезона, но они больше похожи на готовый аудио-курс, чем на подкаст (то есть периодическое издание). Я не предлагаю, разумеется, менять всю концепцию, но было бы здорово иметь какие-то периодические выпуски. В частности, мне очень понравились “интервью” (мне кажется я теперь никогда не забуду про “гарну усмешку” Богданы), так что я бы хотел видеть больше такого контента.

У меня даже возникла идея создания собственного подкаста про изучение украинского (ну, когда я буду чуть меньше бояться говорить) для русскоязычных пользователей, и если руки до этого дойдут, то я бы хотел Вашей консультации (или даже коллаборации?).

С уважением,

Антон Калашников

Both the audio part and the notes are just great

Dear Anna, I wanted to write to say how helpful your podcasts are! Season 3 is at the perfect level of Ukrainian for me (I’d previously finished the first book of Yabluko), and both the audio part and the notes are just great. And while I use the current season, I go back and review previous seasons.

I’m a teacher myself (choir director with mainly boys, girls and teens, actually), so I can say that your method is very good for teaching  – give an idea, then use it in the course of the lesson. Then repeat later. I particularly like the “phrase of the day”.

I’m so happy that I’ve signed up for your premium membership – it’s very useful.

Larry T.

Anna is a wonderful teacher

Anna is a wonderful teacher of the Ukrainian language. She explains the rules of grammar easily and clearly, in every podcast there is information about the culture of Ukraine, it is always interesting to listen and learn something new. Excellent course of Ukrainian! Suitable for everyone who wants to get to know the Ukrainian language more closely.


Thank you!

I’m a portuguese who was born in France and choosed English as my third language. In 2001, 5 Ukrainians went to my enterprise and it was my first contact with the language. I found it was a beautifull one to learn, but I didn’t found many options to do it here in Portugal. I found your podcast few days ago, and i tried them the day after… And now, I can’t pass a day without listening to them. Ana is really an outstanding teacher, who knows how to cativate us and in a simple and pleasant way, we learn this beautifull language and fall in love with this amazing country! I love to exercite myself with my collegues here, and they are very happy with my improvements! Thank’s a lot!

João Felipe Martins Fernandes

Best Teacher ❤

I recently started to learn Ukrainian and recently discovered “Ukrainian Lessons”. Thank God , I found it! First I saw the podcasts then decided to check the website. The content is very useful and the teacher is really nice =) Hope Ukrainian Lessons will be better! I believe in it! Анна you are doing very well keep going. I am ready for every kind of support 😊 I sent her an e-mail and she gave me a quick response❤ Дуже дякую Анна! Best Regards!🙏

Слава Україні! 💙💛


Why I Like Ukrainian Lessons Podcast

Hello Anna!

My name is Ronald Sidoryk. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
I am a second-generation Ukrainian living in Canada. My grandparents immigrated to Canada in 1900 from Brody and Sorotsky, in western Ukraine.

The only one who speaks Ukrainian fluently in my family is my mother, who is 97 years young.
I have two brothers and one sister. I also have one daughter and two grandsons ages 13 and 16.
I have a very strong desire to visit the Ukraine in the near future. I would like to visit the villages of my grandparents.

I have also been communicating in Ukrainian with a friend in Odesa, Ukraine for about two years on Skype. I would like to visit my friend in Odesa one day as well.
So, these are the two main motivating reasons, I would like to improve my spoken and written Ukrainian.

I currently can read, write and speak in Ukrainian, but I would like to become more proficient. I can only do that by more practice.
My biggest challenge is conversational Ukrainian. I do not have the opportunity to speak enough Ukrainian to become proficient in it.

So, this is the reason I enrolled in your online Ukrainian Lessons Podcast. I have completed Season One, Lessons 1-40 and enjoyed them very much. I learned a lot and noticed improvement in reading, writing and pronunciation.
I have recently begun Season Two, Lessons 41-80. I am really looking forward to this second series.

I really like the podcast aspect of the Ukrainian Lessons, because I can hear the correct pronunciation of Ukrainian words, which has improved my conversational Ukrainian dramatically. I also enjoy the lesson notes and the challenge of the exercises. My writing and printing of the Ukrainian alphabet is also improving immensely. I am very pleased with your lesson plans which are well organized, comprehensive, very easy to understand and still challenging.

I also like the fact your lessons are contemporary, relevant and applicable to everyday life in the Ukraine. I am very confident that it will be a lot easier for me to travel in the Ukraine after completing your Ukrainian lessons series online.

I would like to thank you for the excellent lesson plans and podcasts you have prepared. Very professionally done. It is wonderful to have access to learning the Ukrainian language online.
I had taken two years of Ukrainian language courses (written and conversational) at the University of Manitoba in 1966-68. However, I have little opportunity to become proficient in it.

So, your online lessons have given me that opportunity. Please keep up the wonderful work. I will be looking forward to communicating with you. Hopefully, in Ukrainian.

Have a wonderful day!

Ronald Sidoryk

Ronald I Sidoryk
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I look forward to studying

I look forward to studying which includes listening every day for 30-60 minutes. I believe I am making progress because of Anna. I appreciate Anna’s method of presenting the correct amount of material at a slow pace. I also appreciate her pleasant voice that I find encouraging. The explanations in each lesson are extremely good and helpful.

Thomas Gaydosh

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