It’s the review time! In this episode, listen to Anna telling about what she eats in a day and challenge yourself with the listening comprehension questions. Then, get more practice, do the exercises and use the flashcards to learn every new word from the lessons 41-50.

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In this Ukrainian Lesson you will:

  • listen to my introduction in Ukrainian and find out about the new language I learn!
  • review some words of the meals of the day in Ukrainian;
  • listen to What I eat in a day story from your teacher Anna;
  • answer the listening comprehension questions trying to make the full sentences;
  • do the vocab drill of the words from the last 4 episodes;
  • learn more about the breakfast and vegetarians in Ukraine!

Дякую, що слухаєте! – Thanks for listening!

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Transcript, Vocabulary List, and Flashcards!

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  • Full transcript & translation of all the Ukrainian parts of the lesson (including the introduction);
  • The story, questions & answers: use the PDF as a worksheet to write down the answers to the listening comprehension questions;
  • 2 bonus Exercises to practice the Genitive case and verbs from the last 5 episodes;
  • Vocabulary List: new words from the episode in a chart with English translation.

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Also! As a premium member, you get a great set of flashcards for the lessons 41-50. It includes all the new vocabulary from the episodes 41-50 with translation, pronunciation, and pictures to remember. Great way to make those words stuck in your head!
As a great example of the flashcards, we have got 100 most common words in Ukrainian for free in the same format.
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