Common Ukrainian adverbs – Типові прислівники

Good news for you! There is one word class which does not change by genders, times or any other purposes. The adverbs – прислівники in Ukrainian language have only one form, which is used in every situation. So you should just learn them as they are and enjoy.
Let’s have a look at some of the most common Ukrainian adverbs which will be helpful for you during the communication process. Improve your knowledge!

Ukrainian Traveling – Cultural Guide to Lviv

Lviv is a city of various cultural sightseeings. It belonged to 6 different countries, and each of them left its own mark on the city map. Lviv keeps the memory of Kievan Rus, Polish, Austrian, German, and Soviet times. Now it is a part of Ukraine. This unique cultural mix makes the city worth visiting. People of different nationalities also have been living here: Ukrainians, Poles, Armenians, Germans, Russians, and Jewish people brought some parts of their world view.
Here is Ukrainian Lessons Cultural Guide to Lviv, where we collected the most important places, which you should visit to understand this city.

Time expressions in Ukrainian

There are so many ways to talk about time in Ukrainian! It is really important to understand what you talk about because the wrong time can cause misunderstanding and, as a result, you may miss something important. Let's have a look at the popular time expressions in...

Ukrainian song with translation: Океан Ельзи – На небі

The second song from Океан Ельзи! You have already listened to at least one song of this super popular Ukrainian band. There is one more nice song from Океан Ельзи’s later period.

As many songs, this one is about love and happiness. A man tells how glad he is every time he can spend time with his love and how important is this woman in his life.

Enjoy the voice of Святослав Вакарчук and the wonderful music!

Ukrainian song with translation: Мотор’ролла – Восьмий колір

Enjoy Ukrainian song from the rock band Мотор’ролла! This band has its own unique singing style, which is impossible to forget. You will easily understand most of the lyrics because the front man of Мотор’ролла, Сергій Присяжний, sings quite clearly. Восьмий колір is their most famous single, which tells the love story full of tenderness and self-sacrifice. Despite the quick and loud music, Мотор’ролла talks about some eternal feelings.

Question words in Ukrainian – Питальні слова

There are so many short words in Ukrainian language that it is too easy to mix them up, especially if you ask some questions. Як тебе звати? – What is your name? Яка твоя улюбена їжа? – What is your favorite food? Скільки це коштує? – How much is this? Questions are all around us, and it is impossible to speak the language without them.

As you see, some similar English question words might be different in Ukrainian. That is why today we will learn basic question words in Ukrainian for you to communicate with people better.

Чому ви вивчаєте українську мову? Що вам подобається в ній набільше? We will be happy to read the answers in the comments below!

12+ Ukrainian YouTube channels to Practice Your Ukrainian

As a language learner and teacher, I strongly believe that it is important to listen a lot about the topics you enjoy in your target language. This way you get used to the real (not textbook) intonation, expand your vocabulary, learn to catch the whole phrase and...

Котра година? – how to tell time in Ukrainian

To ask for time in Ukrainian, we use the phrase Котра година? – What time is it? The answer to this question contains two parts, as in any language.

Firstly we talk about година – an hour. We use a special type of numbers for this purpose, порядкові числівники – ordinal numbers. Learn more about ordinal numbers in Ukrainian in our article.

Ukrainian Traveling – Food Guide to Lviv

Lviv is the capital of Ukrainian food tourism. Due to the variety of nationalities, which brought to this city a part of the unique cuisine, Lviv is famous for the Ukrainian, Polish, Austrian, and Jewish dishes and drinks. There are so many different cafes, restaurants, and snack bars that it is impossible to visit all of them even if you live in Lviv for years. That is why we have created Food Guide to Lviv for you not to miss the important parts of the city culture.

50+ Ukrainian love phrases and romantic words

Cover picture from Ladna kobieta Are you in love with a Ukrainian man or woman? Great choice 😀 Now you should learn some Ukrainian love phrases to impress your beloved one and make him or her love you more. Here are 10 Ukrainian love expressions and romantic words...

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