ULP 1-25 | Colors in Ukrainian + Pronunciation Trainer (Р – rolled R in Ukrainian)

In this special episode of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast, relax and have some rest from verbs and grammar, by learning and practicing using the colors in Ukrainian and mastering your Р – the rolled R in Ukrainian! Насолоджуйтесь 😉 – Enjoy!

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10 tongue twisters to master your Ukrainian pronunciation

Practice your Ukrainian pronunciation with rhythm and fun! Try out Ukrainian lessons collection of скоромовки – tongue twisters!

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ULP 1-24 | What a surprise! Second conjugation in Ukrainian

Learn the verbs of the second conjugation in Ukrainian in the context of a phone conversation between two native Ukrainian speakers. Have something to say about the podcast or a special request? Leave a comment below!

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Ukrainian song with translation: Щедрівка “Ой сивая та і зозуленька”

Щедрівка is a traditional Ukrainian song, which people sing on Щедрий вечір – Generous Eve. Listen and read the translation of щедрівка.

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ULP 1-23 | Happy New Year and Merry Christmas in Ukrainian

З Новим роком і Різдвом! Learn how to wish people the Happy New Year and Merry Christmas in this episode, and… receive the best greetings from a Ukrainian with a traditional Ukrainian Christmas poem – колядка.

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Кольори – Names of colors in Ukrainian

Make your day more colorful 🙂 Learn the names of colors in Ukrainian! Share with us your story: Який ваш улюблений колір? Чому? – What is your favorite color? Why? Чорний – Black Блакитний, голубий – Pale blue Білий – White Червоний – Red...

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