ULP 2-50 | Повторення: 46-49 + Що я їм за день | Review: 46-49 + What I eat in a day in Ukrainian

It’s the review time! In this episode, listen to Anna telling about what she eats in a day and challenge yourself with the listening comprehension questions. Then, get more practice, do the exercises and use the flashcards to learn every new word from the lessons 41-50.

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Правила транслітерації української мови – Ukrainian to Latin Transliteration Rules

This is the official Ukrainian to Latin transliteration. Have a look at how the Latin letters correlate with the Cyrillic alphabet.

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ULP 2-49 | Рецепт сирників + Родовий відмінок | Syrnyky recipe + Genitive case

In this Ukrainian lesson, Anna's mom will teach you! She will give you the recipe of сирники - Ukrainian traditional dessert and breakfast. Also, you will learn more about the use of the Genitive case in Ukrainian. Subscribe not to miss your free weekly Ukrainian...
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Ukrainian song with translation: Друга ріка – Відчиняй

Друга ріка is a Ukrainian rock band which became popular in the 2000s.Their music is not very hard, so they are well-known among people with different tastes. Sometimes their style is determined as Britpop, but the band definitely has its own style.

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ULP 2-48 | Харчові звички + Родовий відмінок | Eating habits + Genitive case

Let’s talk about the eating habits in Ukraine! Listen to the interview with українка – a Ukrainian woman about what she eats in a day. Then learn how to form the Genitive plural and how to use the Genitive with the prepositions. Смачного! 🙂

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Too much in Ukrainian

Let’s have a rest a little bit from the difficult rules and learn how to say too much in Ukrainian. “Too much” has two forms – simple and complex, which are interchangeable.
You should add the word “занадто” to an adjective or adverb or use the prefix за- before the word.
It is simple, just try!

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Time expressions in Ukrainian

There are so many ways to talk about time in Ukrainian! It is really important to understand what you talk about because the wrong time can cause misunderstanding and, as a result, you may miss something important. Let's have a look at the popular time expressions in...

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Ukrainian song with translation: Мотор’ролла – Восьмий колір

Enjoy Ukrainian song from the rock band Мотор’ролла! This band has its own unique singing style, which is impossible to forget. You will easily understand most of the lyrics because the front man of Мотор’ролла, Сергій Присяжний, sings quite clearly. Восьмий колір is their most famous single, which tells the love story full of tenderness and self-sacrifice. Despite the quick and loud music, Мотор’ролла talks about some eternal feelings.

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Question words in Ukrainian – Питальні слова

There are so many short words in Ukrainian language that it is too easy to mix them up, especially if you ask some questions. Як тебе звати? – What is your name? Яка твоя улюбена їжа? – What is your favorite food? Скільки це коштує? – How much is this? Questions are all around us, and it is impossible to speak the language without them.

As you see, some similar English question words might be different in Ukrainian. That is why today we will learn basic question words in Ukrainian for you to communicate with people better.

Чому ви вивчаєте українську мову? Що вам подобається в ній набільше? We will be happy to read the answers in the comments below!

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